DATAFLEX is a flexible and robust solution for the acquisition, remote monitoring and analysis of physical phenomena.

DATAFLEX can measure a wide variety of raw signals with on-board edge processing, real-time monitoring,
advanced cloud analysis and reporting and optional stakeholder web portal interfaces.


DATAFLEX can measure a wide variety of inputs and interface with different type of sensors.
FLEXDAQ hardware subsystems and component have been selected for their reliability, dependability and accuracy.
The onboard cellular and Wi-Fi communication offer highly secure channels for both data transfer and remote configuration access.
To facilitate on-site measurement checks and user channel configurations the FLEXUI desktop application is supplied with FLEXDAQ systems.
Raw and edge processed data are stored on the local SSD drive.
Depending on the drive it ensures data availability in case of a communication drop-out
DATAFLEX offers a customisable solution to capture and analyse physical data.
The FLEXSPACE cloud service performs DATAFLEX's  "back-office" operations
SMS Alerts can be set-up and sent directly from FLEXDAQ to ensure nominated mobile phone numbers receive exceedances in the shortes time possible.